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What Is Reiki/Divine Transformational Rays Healing?

What Is Healing?

Reiki Healing, attunements and Divine Transformational Rays Healing and attunements are all available at Transform Therapies.

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is Japanese for Universal Life Force and it is a type of holistic healing. Reiki is used to balance the body and bring about overall healing, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Divine Transformational Rays is powerful healing which has statements to direct the healing you are receiving. It is to bring about what you need for your highest will and good when you have the healing. 

An example of a statement you might say is “Loving myself” or “Let go of things that are holding me back.”

Who Is Healing For?

Healing can be used for all sorts of imbalances and dis-eases. 

People have used Healing for the following reasons:

  • · For those who are looking to move forward in their life
  • · For those who want to deepen their connection to Spirit/the Universe
  • · For those who want to improve their relationships
  • · For those who want to bring balance and harmony to their mind body and soul and lives

What happens in a session?

Reiki and Divine Transformational Rays are both given to you while you are clothed and can be received either sitting down or lying down. How people feel during the treatment is a little different depending on what they need at the time.

During the treatment, you may feel supported by the universe. It may result in stress release, a reduction of anxiety and a reduction of negative emotions. You may feel improved clarity or improved sleep.

Divine Transformational Rays Healing Session differs from Reiki in the way the treatment is delivered because you will choose phrases and statements that help direct the healing to support you in a specific issue. 

You say the statement or invocation before you receive the healing for that part of the session.

How often do I need to go for Healing?

Healing sessions can be treated as a one-off or as a set if you feel you need several, or if you want to receive the healing on a regular basis. If you are seeking an attunement then you may need a few sessions of the healing beforehand to prepare your energy for your attunement.

Do I need to be ill to have healing?

Not at all. When I give you healing the intention is that the healing is for your highest will and good at this time. If you are ill then it may focus on this and if not it may prioritise it improve another part of your life.

Can I request distant healing?

Of course, if you have had a treatment with me and wish to have distant healing afterwards then I will happily send it. 

Can I become a healer?

Absolutely, you can become attuned for either Reiki or Divine Transformational Rays. You may need a few sessions of the healing before you receive an attunement beforehand – we will agree how many you need before you go ahead with your attunement.

Reiki and Divine Transformational Rays Healing In My Life

I strongly believe it is important to walk my talk. For me, that means using the techniques that I use for my own life Here is how I have used both healing methods in my own life.

I first came across Reiki in 2004 and received treatment without really knowing what it was or what to expect from it. I was given healing by two people at the same time and this is still the way I prefer to receive healing. During the treatment, I felt relaxed and at peace. I felt heat coming from the hands of those giving me healing. 

I booked in for a Reiki attunement immediately after the treatment with Sal Worringham and I still enjoy using Reiki regularly in my life for both one to one and distant healing.

I found Divine Transformational Rays one day at a holistic monthly event for charity where Divine Transformational Rays was on offer by Kelly Mayne. I was amazed at the power of the healing while I received it. I thought the healer was nearby only to open my eyes a little and realise she was a few feet away. I felt energised and clearer in my mind. 

Again, I was drawn to have an attunement for this healing. I was advised to have a few sessions of the healing and energy work before I received the attunement. 

I use this healing often to help me clear things when I feel the need to clear a specific issue or if I feel I am entering a new phase and need my energy realigned.

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