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What Is Mindset Priming? 

‘MINDSET PRIMING™’ does for coaching what colour did for television. It is coaching with a difference!

‘MINDSET PRIMING™’ is a modality which combines Coaching and Kinesiology.

Why is Mindset Priming different?

Conventional coaching develops the mindset at a conscious level. ‘Mindset Priming™’ enables you to access your subconscious self-belief, self-doubts and mental sabotage. ‘Mindset Priming™’ puts you in touch with your inner belief about what you could achieve, which is always greater than what we consciously believe is possible.

‘Mindset Priming™’ uses muscle testing to access the unique goal for you that your subconscious knows you are really capable of and deep down want to achieve.

As a ‘Mindset Priming™’ coach, I then use a combination of psychological concepts & Kinesiology tools from their unique training to give you the confidence to improve your performance even under pressure, to eliminate all subconscious doubts/fears/sabotage and improve your mind/body alignment and commitment with your goals.

You will then go forward towards your goal feeling you can confidently achieve your highest aspiration, knowing there is no subconscious sabotage holding you back. Only ‘Mindset Priming™’ can do this for you.

Who Is Mindset Priming For?

‘Mindset Priming™’ benefits everyone who is wanting to achieve any goal or make a change in their life.

‘Mindset Priming™’ is used for the following reasons:

  • · To achieve your goals and dreams – I have worked with a girl who wanted to be an actress and a decorator who is really an artist.
  • · Those who want life career or business coaching with a difference 
  • · For improving your health and fitness goals
  • · To give the competitive edge to your sports performance 
  • Which goal or life you wish to create? What dream you wish to realise is up to you?

What happens in a session?

When you come for a session of ‘Mindset Priming™’ you begin by explaining what you would like to change and create in your life.

I use muscle testing to find the best time frame in the future to work towards these goals – for example, 6 months or 12 months from the session.

You describe your idea of what you would like your life or area of your life to look like at that future point. We then use muscle testing to find out if your conscious vision matches your subconscious.

Sometimes some parts need clarifying, for example, a specific salary if you are working on your business or career. Sometimes parts need adding or taking out to make that vision crystal clear.

Once the goal is finalised, I will check for the subconscious resistance now in the present and the subconscious commitment towards the goal.

We then use coaching, Kinesiology or tools from any other modalities in my toolkit to reduce your resistance and increase your commitment to the goal, so both your conscious and subconscious mind is primed to achieve your goal using whatever actions are needed.

In The Context of Mindset Priming What Does Priming Mean?

“Priming” means priming or getting the subconscious ready to accept a change to move into a space of actively attracting it to you. 

Is It Possible to Always Get The Subconscious to Agree to Change?

Yes, you can always reprogramme your subconscious to be willing to accept change. First, you need clarity in your conscious mind and have a subconscious agreement so that both parts are working to give yourself permission and the means to be successful.

Why Does the Subconscious Require Priming to Facilitate Change?

Your conscious mind can live in the present. Your subconscious mind deals with present situations by looking at previous events that are similar and deciding whether the current one is likely to be successful or not. It relies on memories and past experience to validate this conclusion. 

For lasting change to occur we need to alter either the impact of our conditioning or our behaviour. The description we use to see ourselves must alter. 

 Henry Ford once said, “whether you think you can or you can’t, chances are you are right”. If we change the way we think of ourselves we change the outcome. The Subconscious needs to be primed for this description of yourself to be altered.

What does priming do?

Your subconscious acts like your video camera. It records everything and forgets nothing. It requires priming with new thoughts beliefs for descriptions of who you are to accept the possibility of permanent change.

Why Does Your Subconscious Mind Need Priming?

The Subconscious needs priming and reprogramming otherwise the subconscious will be in the driving seat. Your past limitations and needs will control your life today and you will unknowingly be living life according to the limitations of an old framework.

Can We Stop Our Subconscious and Conscious Minds Being at War?

The conscious mind is rather like the tip of an iceberg. It is the base underneath the water, the subconscious mind which is in control of what we think and feel.

Once the subconscious mind becomes engaged to bring about a change it will be easy and long-lasting. If we try to change using willpower and the conscious mind alone we will always have resistance and a war in our minds.

Mindset Priming In My Life

I strongly believe it is important to walk my talk. For me, that means using the techniques that I use for my own life. Here is how I have used ‘Mindset Priming™’ in my own life.

I have used ‘Mindset Priming™’ since I was introduced to Jeremy Glyn, an experienced Kinesiologist who developed ‘Mindset Priming™’. I loved the way this was bringing both Kinesiology and Coaching together. 

I use ‘Mindset Priming™’ regularly. Initially, I went for a balance once a month so I could take a part of my life and set it in motion towards the new vision I was seeking to create: one for my business aspirations, one for my living circumstances, one for my health – especially my relationship with food – and lack of regular exercise. My relationships would also be included and refined each time I went for a balance.

In the last few years since I received the first balance, I have left Surrey to live in Scotland, I have undertaken my advanced Kinesiology Training.

I am more confident both as a person and as a practitioner. I am enjoying the goal I am working towards in both my personal and professional life. 

I am improving my health by introducing exercise and eating healthier. I am also becoming clearer about what I am seeking in relationships.

I go back to Hampshire for a regular ‘Mindset Priming™’ Balance with Jeremy Glyn usually once every 3-4 months.

This ensures as I reach each goal or see a part of it come into fruition, I move it along, make it clearer or choose to improve another part of my life.

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