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What Is Emotional Freedom Technique?

Emotional Freedom Technique is sometimes known as Tapping or more recently, Modern Energy Tapping.

Using meridian points on the head, face and fingers and tapping them releases the stuck energy and emotions that we carry around in our meridian system and our energy body. 

Emotional Freedom Technique involves tapping on the points along with saying a phrase (often accompanied by a feeling). 

 According to traditional Chinese Medicine, each meridian belongs to an organ or a system of the body. I like to imagine that when we tap a phrase e.g. “I let go of feeling overwhelmed” or maybe inputting a missing positive “I am confident” we are giving that instruction to the meridians, or that part of our system.

The result creates freedom from the statement that we are tapping. The anxiety that we feel is released or the confidence we seek feels closer at hand and more possible. 

Who Is Emotional Freedom Technique For?

Emotional Freedom Technique can be for anyone, children, young people and adults alike.

When you come for a session of EFT with me, I adjust the session so it is explained in a way that makes it accessible no matter your age.

Emotional Freedom Technique is for people who are looking for something that will give them freedom from their patterns and to learn to use the technique to help them shape their life.

Some people have used EFT for the following reasons:

  • · Phobias, e.g. spiders, public speaking or flying
  • · Weight loss
  • · Overcoming food cravings
  • · Addictions
  • · PTSD, stress, anxiety, panic attacks and improving energy levels,
  • · Improving performance, confidence, physical and emotional issues and motivation

to name just a few…

What happens in a session?

During a session of EFT, I will teach you where the points are for tapping. I also give you a copy of the points to take home.

We will work on a specific issue that you have chosen e.g. anxiety or panic attacks, a phobia, weight loss, achieving a specific goal, improving your abundance or improving your relationships.

Together we employ a variety of ways to use the tapping to help release the stuck emotion or energy and help you to create the life you want.

I will then give you the points to take home with you to practice – the more you use them, the faster your life will evolve and transform.

Do I need to know what the points are for?

No, not at all. I will teach you a little if you are interested. For EFT to be effective you only need to tap on the points in the order of the sequence.

How many sessions will I need?

That will depend on what you want to work on. By the end of the first session, I will give you a chart with the points to use by yourself between sessions.

I usually suggest that 6 will leave you in a place where you are confident about where the points are and the different ways you can use the tapping successfully. 

Once you feel confident about where to tap and the variety of things and ways you can tap, the choice is yours; to continue sessions regularly or use it independently, and come back only if you feel you need support with tapping on a specific issue.

How will I know how to use it by myself between sessions?

I will give you a chart and if you request an image for your phone with the points and support you need. You can refer to this between sessions as often as you wish. I will teach you initially how to tap the positives that you need between sessions.

If you have any questions between sessions on how to use the tapping just message me and I will contact you after clinic so you can fully benefit from the technique.

Can EFT be used with my existing Health Conditions?

There are no contradictions to EFT as it works on your energy body and can be used to change how you feel about your conditions, to reduce the stress around it and to clear and emotional blockages associated with it.

Can I use EFT being used with children?

Yes of course. With children, I adjust how I teach the concept and mostly focus on the positives that the child wants or needs.

I also give them a chart with a teddy or a fun image on it with the points, so it is accessible to the younger audience.

Emotional Freedom Technique In My Life

I strongly believe it is important to walk my talk. For me, that means using the techniques that I use for my own life. Here are a couple of examples of how I have used EFT to help me in my own life.

I have used it to overcome phobia in the moment (known as energy first aid).

I once brought tickets for a concert to see Kasabian at the Albert Hall! It was an excellent night, but it very nearly wasn’t.

When I arrived, I realised my tickets were in the rafters as I was looking down on the stage. No problem you might think… except I have (had) a fear of heights. As I was with a friend, I had no choice but to stay – that and the fact I had frozen.

I got help to sit down and started tapping. I kept going and after a while, the feeling of blind panic began to pass.

By the time Kasabian came on, I was able to get up, find my feet and dance with everyone else. I had an excellent night!

At other times I have used it to manifest meeting my heroes – thank you Nigel Harman, and the Mighty Boosh boys Noel Fielding and Julian Barrett for my photos!

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