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Over the last 2 weeks, I have been running a trial version of an online coaching course, teaching energy tools to support yourself.

For me it the first time I have run a group course online. I decided given the current climate to make this one a ‘pay what you can’ version as I feel it is important to get the message out there and support as many people as possible at this time.

I completed week 2 on Saturday and three of the participants said that the tapping brought up stuff that needed a deeper dive than they had originally anticipated. All of them in one way or another said, “Well it seems I have some work to do.”

I offered additional support as I always do. One client came to me and felt compelled to share a vision she was shown in the middle of the night. She called it “The Emotional Fruit Bowl.”

My client then went on to explain the different things that were surfacing for her around the topic that we had worked on – in this case how to begin to create the way you wish to BE during this new time.

To begin to create the subconscious choice that she wished to BE and experience at this time – She chose to BE LOVING. She went on to explain that lots had come up for her to clear out around her beliefs to stay in a space of being loving. Some aspects of this were like bananas, easy-peel no mess, and quick to get to the goodness within.

Some initially seemed easy, although they needed a little more effort to start, however, depending on the flavour of this fruit it might be sweet or bitter to the taste. ‘Apples’ she called them. Plenty of crunch, still easy enough to access but it might be a sweet gala apple, or it might be a mistakenly chosen cooking apple, which is bitter without sugar.

Also, there is the question of what to do with the core? Eat it and consume it, integrate it into life or throw it away as compost that is no longer relevant. Either way, she felt that once again she could probably start dealing with these herself.

However, she also had pineapples in her “Emotional Fruit Bowl”. Big and spikey on the outside, painful to the touch if handled badly. It would be hard or at least take consistent effort to open the pineapple with a knife.

She knew herself that she could not deal with these parts of her belief pattern herself. She asked me for my support to help her deal with all the aspects of this until she could get into the juicy fruit.

The alchemical gold to be found at the centre of the freedom of releasing this old and rather large and prickly emotional patterning.

Finally, she told me she had pomegranates in her “Emotional Fruit Bowl” which takes effort to get into and once she is in there are thousands of pieces and it can make a real mess. It will taste beautiful and sweet to eat but where to begin and how do I separate all the pieces into bits that I can deal with should it be into easily digestible portion sizes or Individual seeds of fruit?

She declared “I don’t even know what all of these bits are or where, to begin with it”.

As we talked through what parts of her life or her beliefs made up the “Emotional Fruit Bowl” I reassured her that I had tools for all her fruits, between us we could work on them.

Either with her being supported by me or by her working on the apples and bananas herself and coming to me to help her with the more complicated stuff as she goes along.

As she deals with what life throws up for her and she learns to use tools to empower herself, to deal with whatever she needs to. Sometimes she will face these sessions bravely and sometimes gently but never alone.

It also made me realise we may be in unprecedented times and while that may sometimes be scary, it also allows us to deal with ourselves (with support and guidance if needed). To put ourselves in the best place to help ourselves and those around us.

Please don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed or if you feel you don’t know how to deal with your “Emotional Fruit Bowl”, if you think you don’t know what to eat first, or how to finish all the fruit.

As a Kinesiology Practitioner, Mindset Priming Coach and an Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner I can receive feedback (via the surrogate muscle testing) from your body and your subconscious to tell us where to start.

Please feel free to book a discovery call to discuss your situation further or to book a session to begin work on your emotional fruit bowl.

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