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After having kinesiology 20 years ago for allergy testing with successful results, I was keen to try it again to ‘iron out’ some remaining issues with my eczema. At my first session with Emily she explained her own process and how it differed to the treatment I had previously received. We identified my barriers and mindset to my condition and muscle tested to see which spider leg to begin with. After identifying allergies as the main leg, we worked on unblocking the various points that were contributing towards making my condition worse. Hydration came up as an issue. Although I regularly drink lots of water it wasn’t making any difference to my system leaving my body in a constant state of dehydration. After unblocking the points and drinking even more water in the coming week my body seemed to be becoming more hydrated with my skin being less dry and my throat seeming less parched.

The allergy testing showed up some common metals. One being mercury, most likely in my body because of fillings. Emily worked on the points to stop my body treating the metals as an allergy and built my tolerance to them. The most noticeable change in my eczema came after 5 sessions. There was an upheaval in my life resulting in my family and I unexpectedly having to stay in a hotel at short notice. The change in environment and stressful situation would usually bring on a flare up for my skin but it never occurred. During that time even a consistent patch I always have on my knee actually cleared up. Any flare ups I have had during the process have been much more manageable. Often being less painful and itchy or not lasting as long as it typically would.

Having struggled with eczema and various allergies all my life kinesiology has made a great impact to my health and therefore my day to day life. Often during the season change I would start to have regular flare ups and generally feel unwell more often. Currently I feel great and my skin is remaining manageable.