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I’ve had sessions with Emily she was more than happy to work with me and provide me with online Skype EFT/tapping sessions. Emily is kind and extremely knowledgeable. She is a truly gifted healer who I can honestly say has dramatically improved my emotional health.

Emily taught me how to use tapping in my daily life to manage my anxiety and depression symptoms, she is very flexible with sessions and we have sessions whenever I feel I need them, even around sessions with Emily I can use it as a daily tool, with the help of Emily I’ve found my own way to tap and speak to my issues.

Since tapping the change has been explosive. My life has been moving in a direction that I didn’t think was possible, it’s as though everything is falling into place and I no longer feel hopeless and unable to make change happen.

I have found it really interesting working on Mindset Priming with Emily – it has become something that we have used frequently in our time together.

Emily has helped me work towards my goals with an awareness of how I want to feel achieving them through the Mindset Priming. Approaching it in this way has enabled me to remain positive and motivated towards my goals, free from those self sabotaging thoughts!

 It’s great seeing the results of this as things begin to (what seems as randomly) start falling into the place, moving me closer to the things I couldn’t really see myself achieving. On reflection, after I see what we call these “checkpoint” moments happening along my path towards my goals, I have become aware of how I have had an impact on my life, both energetically and in my attitude towards the things I strive for. I cannot take the credit for this, as it is the work I do with Emily that has made this happen. Mind set priming has really been an invaluable tool for me!