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Working 1-2-1 with Emily predominantly takes the form of an eight session programme although some people may choose to work with her over a four session programme and complex issues can be spread over more than eight sessions. Emily listens to you, the issues you want to tackle and your body via muscle testing to work out the best roadmap for how many sessions are needed to get you into a new space allowing you to work towards achieving your goal.

With an extensive toolkit including Kinesiology, Mindset Priming Coaching, EFT, Healing, Vibrational tools such as sprays and essences, Bowen Technique and Epigenetics which transform the traumas held in the DNA line, Emily finds the best approach for you and draws upon all of these techniques to help you work through your problems to achieve the life you desire.

There is no limit to what aspects of your life Emily can help with as the body will always find a way to resolve problems. In the past, she has helped resolve relationship troubles, physical pains, money or career issues and sexual expression amongst others.

Emily uses muscle testing to access your subconscious and body biofeedback as your subconscious knows your true capabilities. Through this muscle testing, she can explore any resistance or subconscious sabotage you may have against the commitment of your goals. Throughout the sessions, the aim is to get your resistance to achieving your dreams down to zero and bring your commitment to your goals up to one hundred percent on all levels of your subconscious to ensure nothing is in the way of you achieving your goal.

As your sessions progress, you move through the aspects of the wild woman including the maiden, mother, crone and Lilith with Emily’s guidance as she demonstrates where these aspects lie within you, where they may be out of balance and exploring how you can bring them back into balance to help you create the life of your dreams.

At the end of the eight sessions, you will find yourself in a new place and well on your way to achieving your goals. You will be making positive strides towards getting yourself there, have a timescale and know the actions you can take to help you manifest your goal. Some people come back for regular maintenance to help keep them aligned to their new path or return for help working towards a new goal.

If you are ready to meet yourself, do the deep work through what is holding you back and reclaim your wild self, then she will see your five out of ten and raise you to a ten out of ten.



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