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The importance of Lilith and the Skeleton Woman is not so much around physical death, it is the death required to meet a new level of power or possibility.

When we wish to clear something, manifest or start the process of bringing something into fruition, in that early incubating creative stage we are made aware of the thing that stands in opposition we need to let go.

Sometimes we know these things before they begin. I feel there is always another level, if not several, which only emerges when we begin the actual manifestation and creating process. Only once we begin does this new level of releasing, of letting go – only then does this new death reveal itself. It is a death that is required for us to claim this new level of power in our lives.

I have observed in others, in my clients, in my students and myself that in the moment we realised the death we need to facilitate the life we have chosen, often we can be arrested because we didn’t know when we set out on our road to our new possibility what specifically would be the death required of us.

We never saw it coming and we never understood the potency that would be needed of us for the transformation to be utterly complete. For us to emerge as a butterfly from our cocoon or for us to rise like a phoenix from the ashes. Often that is stage where we become arrested and we do not want to go forward to where our heart and soul is guiding us.
This desire to delay shows up as procrastination or delaying or stalling. So we wait. We cancel our appointments. We start running late for our meditation class. Suddenly other activities become more important than anything else in the world. Whatever it takes to delay us engaging in the death we need to claim the life we seek.

We understand at a subconscious level and a soul level even if we can’t verbalise it or even know why consciously, the work that is needed for that transformation to occur and death that is required for us to live fully and completely in the present. In our new possibility and our new power.

Sometimes it takes us time to realise the life we seek, the transformation required and the death needed is utterly worth it. Our first reaction can often be to run away (most of the time actually!)

In relationships, it becomes the lover or the friend who is willing to be with us through the first of many deaths that stand the test of time. After the initial flush of love, we make the acquaintance of the Skeleton Woman who keeps the tally of the death needed for the relationship to reach a deeper richer space of love and understanding.

In this moment, whether it is with our own lives or the life of the relationship, will we choose to stagnate or move forward into the new space, the new life, the new power being offered to us?

The moment we know this, we cannot go back to a smaller life because our soul still gives us the craving for the new possibility that we want. Yet we are fearful and resistant of the work required to bring us into that new space, that new life. It is the Skeleton Woman who shows us what need to die so that we have new life and a richer and deeper life on the other side.

Lilith gives us the power to tune into this archetype and we can ask her to give us the strength we need for the death or to show us what we need to let go. She can show us the road we need to walk to claim this power. Lilith is all about claiming her power and her possibility, her autonomy, her freedom, her equality, so no death is too great to claim our full power. Yet, she guides us gently through this process to allow us to let it go as we need to.

Lilith and the Skeleton Woman work together to show us the death we need and the steps to take, the path to walk, and the possibility and the power we will claim, and the richer deeper life that is waiting for us in the new space.

The law of attraction speaks about how the way to attract something to you is simply to match the vibration of the thing you seek. I was recently listening to a meditation about money and the mindset of abundance and how attracting in a certain amount of money is simply an act of vibration. In moving your vibration to a higher frequency, you then match the new possibility, the new vibration and in the case of the meditation, the new level of abundance that you wish to live.

All the new lives and possibilities, access to manifestation, abundance and financial freedom are all there waiting for us to come and claim them. The reason we are resistant is we do not want to let go of the live we are living and the life we have known. For Lilith she claims all the power she can embrace and never shies away from owning it.

Some of the resistance to letting go of the old is simply that our brains are status quo machines and when it encounters something new and is unable to predict the outcome it, we feel unsafe. Our mind does the best thing it can to keep us safe and will keep us where we are even if it does not serve us anymore.

Depending on what we are leaving behind whether it is friends, lovers, partners, family members, values that have grown up with or whatever it is that we are choosing to move beyond, it can feel like an act of disloyalty. We question whether we will be disapproved of by our family for making the choice to come into a new possibility and a new way of living. Will our ancestors be rooting for us to achieve what they could not, or will they be thinking that we are rejecting their values?
Will the friends we have made still understand us when we move into the new space? What will our lovers, partners, husbands or wives think and feel as we move into that new space?

Will they be proud and rooting for us? Encouraging us because we are reaching our potential, our new possibility and claiming our power. Will they see it as an invitation to be extraordinary themselves and to move into their own richer deeper more rewarding space.?

Lilith gives us the power, the encouragement, the strength and the taste for the new life we seek and the new power we need to embody to live our fullest life.

Will our families and friends be confused by our evolution and question their space in our lives? Will they feel like they are being left behind? Will they fear the Skeleton Woman and Lilith and what they will both ask of them too? Or will they embrace Lilith and seek her guidance to energetically match you on the new stage of your journey?

I cannot tell you what Lilith and the Skeleton Woman will ask of you, what death she will demand of you. I can tell you, however, that no one I have met who has embraced the death and claimed her power and her inner richness ever said afterwards that it wasn’t worth it, that they wish they had stayed small and let that opportunity pass them by.

Are you ready to claim your new life, your inner power and to transform your life, your business, your relationships, your finances, your health… What new life do you want to claim for yourself today?

What transformation is Lilith and the Skeleton Woman offering you now?

Are you ready to embrace it?

Get it touch to transform your life and “Reclaim Your Wild Self”.

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