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For the Wild Woman and for Lilith, creation is about understanding our role in co-creation.

If we have an all-powerful version of ourselves, and a destiny to reach, we have a choice whether to accept the divine and its will for us. To accept and to submit to divine will and to choose to reach our potential is a choice.

Lilith understood her power and her equality to Adam. What she can teach and reveal is your ability to fully co-create our lives and how we experience our universe? If we are truly limitless and all-powerful creators of our reality, Lilith highlights to us the places we are using our creative power and where we are not using it to create the life we are capable of experiencing.

As we decide to claim this power and co-create our universe, to accept our destiny, we naturally align to the vibration of that reality just like tuning a radio. As we co-create and choose to match a higher vibration, Lilith will illuminate the beliefs, attitudes and expectations we hold and the habits we are currently engaged in that stand in opposition and are contrary to this the new reality that we choose to inhabit.

She guides us as we clear out the beliefs that no longer belong in our lives and she reveals to us the values, beliefs and habits that align to this new space.


Lilith shows us the power we need to claim, to fully embrace our new place in the universe.

In BEING this powerful co-creator, we are aligned to our new vibration. As a natural result of this new space it is easy to DO with flow, to be in action without resistance, to DO the new habits needed to HAVE the unlimited life we are destined for.

When I work with a client we investigate using muscle response testing (MRT), Kinesiology and then using a combination of Kinesiology, Bowen, EFT, Mindset Priming, Vibrational tools, and Epigenetics we identify the space you wish to move into. There is no need to worry if you are not sure at that moment – your subconscious does and the muscle testing reveals this to us in our sessions. We identify the space you wish to move into and ensure your subconscious is primed for it by increasing your commitment and reducing your resistance.

We then use our sessions to identify and energetically clear out the old patterns that no longer serve this new space and use our time to create beliefs, attitudes, habits and expectations that align to your new reality.

After our time together you can easily inhabit your new vibrational reality. You are easily in action creating the life you seek and deserve to experience.

Creativity is an important force in a woman’s life. It is an imperative within us all to create something and to leave a legacy to the world. When connecting to and working with Lilith and with the Wild Woman, we explore and develop your personal creativity. To help you discover for yourself what that avenue looks like, to create a space in both your beliefs and in your life for the creativity to have an outlet in your life. Once the creativity has a space in your life and in your world then the living energy of your creative spirit will come and meet you.

The creativity can begin to flow as the ideas and inspiration are given a sacred space in your life. The river begins to flow and ideas become manifested in the world. The paintings are created, the books are written, the courses are made and sessions are developed and produced for all to purchase or attend.

To fully experience this creative flow, we embrace the act of co-creating with the far-seeing eyes of the Crone, with the Wolf Woman – La Loba, in combination with the power to manifest the reality that Lillith embodies.

What can the far-seeing eyes of the Wild Woman see and what power needs to be embraced and claimed in order to create it and fully manifest it?

When I work with my clients to unlock their creativity, to find an avenue and a space for the creativity they wish to express, we unlock and release all sorts of limiting beliefs or attitudes from childhood, our parents, our teachers, our siblings or anything else that is preventing that river or creativity from flowing easily.

We use the tools to create a new space to BE in a new subconscious self-image that embodies that creativity, that power, and treats it as a sacred calling to create something. We work with the Wild Woman and with Lilith to “Reclaim Your Wild Self” in your creative life and to nourish the soil so that it is always fertile for new creation.

After our sessions together your creativity and connection to the inspiration for this creativity has transformed from a husk that has somehow stalled or dried up, to a force to be reckoned with that is a flowing, fresh, cleansing and purifying channel which ebbs and flows like the tides.

The creativity flow fills up your cup and feeds your life on every level, physically, emotionally, intellectually, creatively and financially. Each idea is aligned to your personal values are manifested easily on the earth of fertile creative soil your soul now inhabits.

I invite you all to get in touch if you want more creative power in your life.

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