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The Transforming Your Relationships programme has been specifically designed to focus on working through your relationship issues – whether that is trouble manifesting the right relationship for you or bringing more love and balance into your existing relationships. In these strange times when we find ourselves spending more time with our romantic partners, it can be difficult to adjust to the shifts taking place, so this programme is perfect for helping you navigate those changes.

 While for most people the primary focus of transforming your relationships will be for romantic relationships, you may want to transform your family relationships or even friendships to become more harmonious and balanced.

Throughout the course, Emily takes you on a journey through her extensive toolkit, teaching you how you can apply these techniques to your life and transform your relationships. The course begins by doing metaphors to receive answers from your body about the blocks around your relationships, where they reside in your body and how they can be transformed to improve your relationships.

Once you’ve dug deep in the metaphors and found what the blocks and challenges are surrounding your relationships, the following weeks look at techniques you can use to work through the blocks such as tapping (EFT) and mindset priming before learning how you can weave this knowledge into your daily life and put it into action.

By the end of the course, not only will you have identified some deep rooted issues and beliefs that you hold around relationships which are blocking you from experiencing more harmonious, balanced and loving relationships, you will have new tools and knowledge to allow you to move forward into a more harmonious, happy and balanced life with supportive and loving relationships that work for you.

This programme is available as a 1-2-1 programme, group sessions or self-led course. You can find out more details of how each format works on the following pages: