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Starting January 1, 2030Coming soon

The Manifestation Tapping Challenge is a powerful challenge to help you learn how to use tapping to manifest whatever you desire in life – whether that is healthier relationships, money, a job promotion or even a new car. Why not try using to manifest your future self and see how rapidly the changes happen once you start tapping?

Emotional Freedom Technique (also known as EFT or tapping) is a powerful and transformative technique that involves tapping meridian points on the head, face and fingers while saying a phrase to help release the stuck energy that we carry in our body and energy field to create freedom we feel from whatever subject we are tapping on, allowing great change to occur.

This course teaches you how to tap competently and confidently. You will learn where the meridian points are, how to approach tapping for anything issue you have and how to word your tapping statements. Emily guides you through the different ways of tapping – the past, present, future, metaphors, feelings and clearing out the negative transforming to the positive.

By the end of the course you will not only be able to confidently tap on anything you desire or wish to release, but throughout the course you will have chosen a subject to tap on. At the end of the course, you will have worked to release this stuck energy and be making strides towards your goal.


This programme is available as a 1-2-1 programme, group sessions or self-led course. You can find out more details of how each format works on the following pages: