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£59 - group session, £270 - 1:1
Starting January 1, 2030Next group class - Autumn 2020. For 1:1, ongoing dates - book your slot6 weeks

Five Elements Metaphors is a six week programme that follows the five Chinese elements – earth, metal, water, wood and fire. These elements are believed to be the fundamentals of the universe and  Emily teaches you how to work metaphorically through the elements to find resistance you are experiencing towards your goal and discover actions you can take to work past them.

Each element has its own associations, characteristics and like yin and yang, the ability to generate or destroy one another. Through the course, Emily teaches you to understand how the five elements operate throughout your own body – what organs and systems in the body each one is associated with as well as the associated emotions, tastes, sounds, smells and colours which helps you build up a picture of how you can bring aspects of an element into your daily life to bring that element into balance.

The five elements metaphors programme can be used to address any goal or question you may have, whether it is focused on your work or career, relationships, personal goals or anything else you desire. Through the metaphors, each element will show you the answers you need to get where you want to go. That could be highlighting what you need to invite more of into your life or even what you need to let go.


This programme is available as a 1-2-1 programme, group sessions or self-led course. You can find out more details of how each format works on the following pages: