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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a weekend appointment?

Absolutely I offer Saturday Appointments at the Wellness Cottage in Cumbernauld. See the clinics page for details

Do you offer discounts for block bookings?

Yes  I do if you book x3  or x6 1 hour sessions upfront then you can have them for £40 each rather than £45.

Can I pay cash on the day?

Yes you can, you can also pay via paypal or stripe on the day.

Do you work with children?

Yes, this will be with the parents consent (they will need to sign or countersign the consent form)

Also they will be present during the session with earphones in to provide completely privacy for the child to allow the muscle testing or the child to bring up whatever needs to come up while you are in the room.

Can I buy a treatment as a gift for someone else?

Yes these can be purchased online or at your own clinic appointment if you let me know in advance.

Online Coaching Resources

E.F.T Sessions Online

Emotional Freedom Technique is also available via Skype sessions.

Kinesiology Sessions Online

Kinesiology is also available via Skype sessions.