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Emily Tuck

Kinesiology, Bowen & EFT Practitioner, Mindset Priming Coach and Healer

Emily Tuck helps women step into their wild, unapologetic, feminine self. In embracing their feminine power, they can achieve whatever goals they wish and create the life they choose. Reclaim Your Wild Self is predominantly a programme of eight sessions, although complex issues can be spread over more sessions. During these sessions, Emily uses her extensive toolkit which includes Kinesiology, Mindset Priming Coaching, EFT, Healing, Vibrational tools such as sprays and essences, Bowen Technique and Epigenetics which transform the traumas held in the DNA line.

Emily has over a decade of experience in holistic therapies and has been working at the Wellness Cottage, Cumbernauld since it opened in August 2019. As a result of lockdown, she has moved into online sessions and fortunately, nearly all her tools and techniques have been translated into an online environment successfully.


My Story


I first became interested in Kinesiology and Energy work when I moved to Guildford after university. I was suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, and heart palpitations and was drifting from doctor to doctor. All the time, the severity of my symptoms increased.

Eventually, the only avenue I had not explored was holistic medicine and alternative therapies. My best friend advised me to go and see a Kinesiologist to see if they could offer any relief.

Like most people, I had no idea what to expect. I had never even heard of a Kinesiologist, nor did I have any clue of even how to say it. However, on a primal level, I understood I had nothing to lose except my anxieties and fears.

I was impressed to see the visual of my muscle “unlocking” which I learned was the body giving biofeedback on the things which were causing stress and were contributing to my situation.

The Penny Dropped

I realised that even if I did not know how to get well my body did! This was the first big step in what was to be a massive mental shift. I felt the effects immediately from my first session. I was instantly calmer, I felt safer and more confident.

I continued to see the Kinesiologist for about 2 months while we gently but consistently worked on the things that were creating my anxiety and overwhelm. With each session the overwhelm receded. I felt less and less anxious and I was able to go out and do things normally.

During the sessions, I became fascinated by the process of how something that seemed so subtle could be so profound. Little did I know a life-long passion for the energy work had been awoken within me.

Nearly 18 years after my first appointment I left the corporate world and I now do healing work full time. The passion and enthusiasm I have for what I do has led me to progress to get my teaching certificates. This means I am no longer just a Kinesiology practitioner I am also a Kinesiology teacher.

I believe that most of the things wrong with our lives are due to an energy imbalance. I am still blown away how easily these dis-eases can be cleared and once that has happened we can create the balanced life that you want to live.


I Believe: There is always a way

I believe there is always a way to bring people, their health, their goals, and their lives into balance and possibility.

I Value: Growth and Love of Learning

My personal values are growth and love of learning. This means that I am always looking for new ways to help people achieve their goals, heal and create the lives they choose. I continue to learn and to train in techniques that will help improve both your life and mine.

I Believe: Our bodies and minds are working to keep us healthy and happy

I believe ultimately our bodies and minds want us to be healthy and happy and it is always striving to bring this about. I love working with you and using muscle testing to access your subconscious and your body’s inner wisdom to bring your life and health into balance and possibility in a way and at a pace that is right for you.

My Practice

My Approach - Gathering The Bones

I want to help you create the life of your dreams. If you are ready to meet yourself, do the deep work through what is holding you back and reclaim your wild self, then I will see your five out of ten and raise you to a ten out of ten.

This gathering of the bones comes from the story of La Loba, ‘Wolf Woman’, an old woman collecting bones that represent those wild and forgotten parts of ourselves. She pieces these bones together and sings a song that brings this skeleton back to wholeness, back to your wild self and fully into your wild woman ways. My various programmes seek to gather the abandoned bones within you and supports you in bringing these bones back into yourself, empowering you to create the life of your choosing.

Michelangelo was once quoted as saying that he did not sculpt David but rather that he was in the marble and Michelangelo simply removed the stone until David revealed himself. I work in the same way, to support you in revealing your true self and everything else falls away.

We work together as a team at a pace that works for you and I will persevere until we have fully resolved your issue using any and all of the tools at my disposal. I also like to provide my clients with an easy tool to use between treatments so you can gently support yourself as needed and you can be responsible for your progress as well.

Emily provides space and non-judgemental acceptance for you to release whatever is needed. Previous clients have commented that they felt, ‘reborn like a phoenix’ and that the change in their lives since working with Emily has been ‘explosive’. She helps you gain awareness of the impact you can and do have on your own life, both energetically and in your attitude of whatever you are striving towards. In the words of one of her clients, ‘…Emily loves using her skills to help you transform your Life – from average to AMAZING.’

Although seemingly simple actions at times, the techniques she works with have a long-lasting and profound impact on her clients, providing relief, positive energy and giving a renewed sense of hope towards achieving their goals. Feeling happier in themselves, making life changes they never thought were possible and seeing life fall into place often happen for those who have worked with Emily. As a result, she is blessed to have a high rate of returning clients, which she sees as a testament to the fact that her processes do work.


Thank you to my lovely teacher and Reiki Master Emily Tuck of Transform Therapies for completing my Level 1 Usui Reiki Attunement. Giving and receiving my first session of Reiki was a powerful experience. 



I’m from the UK but have recently moved to Florida. I’ve had sessions with Emily back home but she was more than happy to work with me and provide me with online Skype EFT/tapping sessions.

Emily is kind and extremely knowledgeable. She is a truly gifted healer who I can honestly say has dramatically improved my emotional health.

Emily taught me how to use tapping in my daily life to manage my anxiety and depression symptoms, she is very flexible with sessions and we have sessions whenever I feel I need them, even around sessions with Emily I can use it as a daily tool, with the help of Emily I’ve found my own way to tap and speak to my issues.

Since tapping the change has been explosive. My life has been moving in a direction that I didn’t think was possible, it’s as though everything is falling into place and I no longer feel hopeless and unable to make change happen.

Gee Chambers

Gee Chambers

Nine months ago – before I saw Emily – I was in a dark place with no prospects.  Thanks to using E.F.T. both with Emily and between sessions I’ve moved into a gorgeous new home and I am living an entirely different Life 😊

Working with Emily is a privilege and honour because the combination of her questioning skills & intuition – is unbeatable.  Many people have a thirst for learning but Emily loves using her skills to help you transform your Life – from average to AMAZING.

Don’t hesitate – book a session with Emily Tuck NOW – and be prepared to be reborn like a phoenix!

Phillipa Brooks

Phillipa Brooks

Emily recently spent some time doing a treatment on me for stress and clearing some blockages. The treatments were quick and effective and have helped considerably with my work life. Emily very kindly works around my schedule, so I can still have treatments alongside my hectic days. I don’t fully understand the ins and outs of Bowen in theoretical terms, but I feel the difference that it makes.

Donna de Villiers

Donna de Villiers